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Redbalifrog Limited Editions

Redbalifrog Limited Editions

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Redbalifrog When Pigs Fly (with Golden Wings) LE

€ 33,92
Price:€ 47,11
Discount: € -13,19


Redbalifrog Roses - Treasures Edition

Roses - Treasures edition. Material: brass.

€ 14,54
Price:€ 18,18
Discount: € -3,64


Redbalifrog Endless Loving - Treasures edition

Endless Loving - Treasures Edition. Material: brass.

€ 13,89
Price:€ 17,36
Discount: € -3,47


Redbalifrog Aladdin's Lamp - Treasures edition

Aladdin's Lamp made of brass.

€ 17,52
Price:€ 21,90
Discount: € -4,38

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Lotus flower: a symbol of purity. Redbalifrog, your world in silver.

Redbalifrog sterling silver beads are made using the lost wax casting process and are hand finished by locals in and around Ubud, Bali.