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Redbalifrog retired items

These Redbalifrog products are discontinued, no longer in the collection, but may still be available at our retailers. Finished = finished!.

Retirement 2019
  • Chook the Chicken (C001)
  • 12 Days of Christmas (all)
  • Christmas Star (C007)
  • Coconut Husk (C013)
  • Doc the Parrot (D002)
  • Dreamtime (D008)
  • Eye of Horus-Ankh (E004)
  • Friendship (F007)
  • Good Luck Money Buddha (G004)
  • Guardian of the Nest (G012)
  • Lady Godiva (L007)
  • Madonna and Child (M008)
  • Mastya Fish Man (NB017)
  • Nefertiti (N002)
  • Ol'Ram (O002)
  • Peace Guitar (P013)
  • Peace sign of Twigs (P011)
  • Penguin and Baby (P003)
  • Queen of the World (Q002)
  • Star n Fish (S006)
  • Trojan Horse (T011)
  • Tutankhamun (T009)
  • Venus of Brassempouy (V001)
  • Yoga Buddha (Y002)
  • Snake necklace (JW049)
  • Snake bracelet
  • Pearl and Starfish bracelet (JW070)
  • Peace on Earth (CD001)
  • Maddona and Child pendant (JW045)
  • Joy to the World pendant (CD001)
  • Circles (all)
  • Bead Stick 4cm + 7cm (JW029, JW030)
  • All seeing eye pendant (NB008)
Retirement 2017
  • Star signs (all)
  • All Seeing Eye (NB005)
  • Arrow (A008)
  • Babushka Doll (B004)
  • Bermuda (NB003)
  • Geisha Doll (G002)
  • Hand of Love (H003)
  • Little Key (L003)
  • Earth Mother Goddess (E001)
  • Pumpkin Pig (P006)
  • Cross (C003)
  • North Pole (N005)
  • Turtle Dude (T007)
  • Yin Yang (Y001)
  • Frog Prince (F006
  • Peace n’ Dove (P002)
  • Unlock VooDoo Pendant (NB006)
Retirement 2015
  • Let the Sunshine (L001)
  • Thai Troll (T001)
  • Alien Roswell (A002)
  • Arthur the Cat (A003)
  • Baboon Thoth (B003)
  • Baubles (NB011)
  • Hippo Amulet (H004)
  • Eskimo Joe (E003)
  • Lucky Cat (L006)
  • Maja & Digger (M002)
  • New Year Hat (N004)
  • Poppin' Popcorn (P004)
  • Rope (R003)
  • Snake Skin (S004)
  • Sleeping Baby (S007)
  • Thinker Man (T003)
  • Urn (U002)
  • Yoga Bracelet
  • Lotus Lock (JW001 original version)
  • White Pearl (W004 original version)
  • Frangipani (F005)
  • Dolphin Tiki (D003)
  • Bathing Beauty (B006)
  • Panda Love (P001)

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Lotus flower: a symbol of purity. Redbalifrog, your world in silver.

Redbalifrog sterling silver beads are made using the lost wax casting process and are hand finished by locals in and around Ubud, Bali.