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You are wondering which bracelet length to choose? We have written a short instruction to help you establish your required bracelet length.

The bracelet length is made up of both the bracelet and the lock chosen. 

Factors to consider: 

  1. Your wrist size
  2. Do you prefer a more loose or tight fit?
  3. Are you going to wear a full bracelet or just add few beads? 

How to measure:

  1. Measure your wrist (tight fit)
  2. Add 2 centimeters

This will be the generic recommended length. Add your personal preference factors for a loose or tight fit and plan the amount of beads you will have on the bracelet in the end.


Your tight wrist measurement measures 17,5cm. The total suggested length would be 17,5+2= 19,5 centimeters. We would recommend a 17cm bracelet with 2.5 centimeter lock.



The length of the lock influences the total length of your bracelet. Most locks are 2,5 centimeters, however, there are few exceptions. Which length does each Redbalifrog lock have?

Redbalifrog Lock
Length in cm
Redbalifrog Sunflower & Bee LockSunflower & Bee 
Redbalifrog Fruit Bowl LockFruit Bowl 
Redbalifrog Moon Face LockMoon Face 
Redbalifrog Tree Branch LockTree Branch 
Redbalifrog Love LockLove
Redbalifrog Lotus LockLotus 
Redbalifrog Star LockStar 
Redbalifrog Frog LockFrog 
Redbalifrog Bull Totem LockBull Totem 
Redbalifrog Modern Mermaid LockModern Mermaid


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Lotus flower: a symbol of purity. Redbalifrog, your world in silver.

Redbalifrog sterling silver beads are made using the lost wax casting process and are hand finished by locals in and around Ubud, Bali.